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Blinkist is an app that transforms key insights from great nonfiction books into quick, easy-to-understand highlights. Which different explanations and interpretations are there? The only problem is something that also affects the second reason for an unwanted link between journalism and conspiracy theories: The media, journalists included, like to tell stories. But the narrative structures are often similar. In contrast to the legal profession, for example, the media are less fixated on proceedings and have less of a strict focus on collecting and checking facts systematically and ordering and weighting them analytically.

Journalists like to tell exciting stories, like in a crime novel. This applies even, or indeed especially, when the story is potentially scandalous. They do not necessarily explain comprehensively and completely, but instead summarize, streamline and dramatize. This is associated with the well-known journalistic propensity to personalize issues. People — and their intentions and actions — take center stage, while structures, systems, coincidences, and unintended consequences are lost from view.

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Just like conspiracy theorists, journalists look for someone to blame and a chain of causes — and are driven by the idea or illusion that the world can be planned and controlled Butter Journalists already begin to struggle if the staff and positions relevant to a topic are not clear. They react by reducing the issue to aspects that are allegedly typical, exemplary, or extreme.

Take the NSU complex. Often, the left hand had no idea what the right was doing cf. Schultz For the public, it was easy to believe that the intelligence service which in Germany actually consists of 17 independent offices had acted as a single entity and perhaps even the driving force behind the criminal activity. The inglorious role of the police is easily overlooked, including the fact that some police forces keep their own confidential informants, who are often no less dubious than the intelligence services. There is no doubt that there are many questions in the NSU complex that have not been satisfactorily answered to this day, despite — or perhaps because of — the years-long court case, numerous investigation committees, and journalistic research.

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This is typical of complex cases, as not everything can be reconstructed and explained down to the very last detail. Interested parties, not least those from the far-right scene, have been encouraging myths about the NSU as an alleged invention of the state for many years.

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Journalists are also very susceptible to fallacies that occur in fictional material and conspiracy theories. Everything is either black or white, good or evil, A or B.


But reality actually very often consists of shades of gray, and events can be explained not only by A or B, but also by C, D, E or even a mixture of all of them. Reputable journalists do not go so far as to blame the usual suspects to whom conspiracy fans apportion responsibility extra-terrestrials, the CIA, Mossad or even the Jewish world conspiracy — but it is enough for their stories to imply that there must be powerful men behind the scenes who are yet to be uncovered.

When reporting on scandals, and especially on the security and secret services, journalists like to raise questions to which they do not know the answers. A lot remains unclear. Details are unknown. Normally, one would expect journalists to provide their audience with answers, not trouble them with questions. But if explosive research hits a wall and cannot get any further, the journalist sometimes has no choice but to document this. In this case, raising questions is a method that enables the audience to take a peek over this wall.

They pave the way for assumptions and suspicions, and as such can be similar to the questions asked by conspiracy theorists.

We Explain The New World Order Conspiracy Theory

They, too, claim that they are merely asking. How can it be that…?

If your conspiracy theory were real, the secret would be out by now

Is it not strange if…? X was in A on the same day as Y — coincidence…? Journalists from reputable media do not want anything to do with conspiracy theorists. But those who try to expose something using journalistic methods often end up treading the same path — albeit in a different position, at a different speed, and hopefully aware that they are able to leave this path and take another direction at any time.

Journalists need to reflect on their own ideas and assumptions, in order to prevent themselves from drifting off on the wrong path. This is not plucked out of thin air, as power games are undoubtedly part of politics.

But they are not the only part. Other factors, and sometimes even boring old coincidence, can be more important than journalists think. The situation is made even more complex by the fact that, driven by disappointment and scorn, some people make journalists themselves part of the conspiracy narrative.

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Convincing these people otherwise will not be easy. It is true that the media need to maintain a critical distance from those in power and fulfil their role as a critical monitor. By looking at the conspiracies that did turn out to be real, and examining how quickly they emerged against the number of people in the know. I reckon I can keep it under wraps until at least March if I really try. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu. If your conspiracy theory were real, the secret would be out by now. Alan Martin. See related. The science of scientific denial.