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I can't wait to have her in my arms again. I miss her too. J: Don't worry! It's just a matter of few minutes. I'll be fine. Go get them.

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I'm so excited for my babygirl to meet them. She places her hand on the heads of her babyboys. I can't believe they are ours Harshad. They are so beautiful. We made them.

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And he comes over, as he bends to kiss her on her temple. He moves to the reception to be greeted by his chatty babygirl. And he picks her up instantly, engulfing her in his arms.. Amy: Daddddddaaaaaaaa I missed you. Can we go see mommy? H: I missed you too my princess.

Did you just grow overnight? You feel so big in my arms. I hope she wasn't a trouble for you. He says it looking at Harsha while kissing his babygirl's hair. Harsha: Stop it Bhai! Don't start again. She's my baby too. And I'm her favourite. How is Bhabhi doing? And my two nephews? I can't wait to meet them. H: Well let's go and you two can see for yourself. Let's walk baby? Whichever performer receives the most applause becomes the champ. On the other hand, if things don't go well, the crowd is allowed -- or encouraged, actually -- to boo the offender straight off stage.

On one version of the show, a tap dancer jumps into the fray to usher the booed performer out of the spotlight, much like Savion Glover's character in Spike Lee's film Bamboozled. During each song, you get the impression that these guys are real fans of the original versions and the original artists.

But, for me, the best covers are true interpretations of their source material. They are successful because they depart from the original versions, or the most popular ones, in a way that showcases the cover artist's creativity.

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Here, Silk's work never finds a point of departure or creativity. These versions are so faithful to their predecessors that the results resonate with mimicry rather than interpretations, presenting Silk as a group of skilled fans rather than musical innovators in their own right.

Always and Forever!

When I saw the album's track list, I was skeptical. I won't even pretend I pressed 'Play' with a completely open mind. As Silk member Gary Glenn explains in the press release:. Did it seem like "audacity" for Silk to even attempt to sing "Adore"?

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Did they do justice to the tunes on this collection? Sure, they did.

  1. The Originals S01E01 "Always and Forever";
  2. Archway: Six Year Book Of Dreams (Volume I).
  3. Precious Prey.
  4. So can Silk get the respect Gary Glenn was referring to? Probably so, but that's "respect" from a live audience. Silk's rendition of "Adore" parrots every high note and croon of Prince's original arrangement, complete with background vocals and sound-alike instrumentals. I actually thought it was Prince singing at first, or at least a sample of Prince's voice. As a hardcore Prince fan, I'm impressed, and, as you might imagine, hardcore fans of any artist are a tough bunch to win over. Problem is, just because I'm impressed by the imitation, it doesn't make it anything more than an imitation.

    Instead of demonstrating Silk 's artistry, Silk's "Adore" basically reminds me why Prince is so great. The same thing happened with Al B. As long as we're talking about Prince, I thought Chaka Khan already explained the secret to redoing a Prince song: you have to make it your own. When Chaka Khan recorded Prince's I Feel for You , Chaka-Chaka-Chaka-Chaka Khan as the rapper in the song called her turned it into a different song, complete with an emcee, stronger synthesizers, a harmonica solo, and booming percussion.

    Not to mention the added layer of interpretation that comes from a woman singing a song previously sung by a man. It was weird, but Jones's attempt to find his own sound and comfort zone with the song was respectable. That's how you cover a Prince song. Otherwise, you get caught trying to out-Prince Prince, which is just not a good idea. In my view, it's not enough to say, "Well, at least Silk can introduce these classics to a new generation of listeners.

    We shouldn't automatically assume that youth equals ignorance. Sure's In Effect Mode , it's not like these works somehow disintegrated, creating a need for Silk to step in and re-sing them as closely as possible to their original form. The original versions still exist.

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    The best reason, then, to listen to a remake, is to hear something fresh, to listen to a band like Silk offer an interpretation of the original by being creative so as to make the experience special. Unfortunately, this never happens. And the disappointing part is that Silk's talented vocalists probably would have been up to the challenge. Made to perfection and embellished with love - bouquets and boutonnieres add that finishing touch to a bride's day.

    So do gorgeous centerpieces and elegant lighting. Think bright blooms and stunning vases Is your style romantic, chic, rust, glam, classic, whimsical?

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