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Und wir alle, die wir heute im geeinten Deutschland leben, verdanken ihnen viel. They had waited weeks in the Embassy for this moment — with no certain outcome. Would their departure for the West ever be authorised or, in a worst case scenario, would they be tried and convicted for fleeing the GDR? The news, which brought such joy and relief, was met with prolonged cheering.

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As part of the celebrations, maas. And all of us living in united Germany today owe so much to them. Auf den Auslandsreisen von maas. MondayMotivation The perfect translation of a press release or an article for our website diplo. But what motivates our colleagues there? People look back on their conduct in the past year and think about the future. The large number of seeds they contain stand for the wealth of good deeds for the coming year.

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Along with our Embassy in Tel Aviv, we wish all people of the Jewish faith a very happy new year! Und was ist sonst noch so passiert? Their objective was to come up with common responses to the challenges of the future. Read more about these initiatives on diplo. It is time to act sustainably — including in foreign and security policy. A foreign policy that relies on viable agreements, not speedy deals at the expense of others.

They have a busy schedule for the next few days. With representatives from countries meeting in New York this week, the traffic in Manhattan often comes to a standstill. Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen. MondayMotivation diplogram. Dann los! The Foreign Service Academy is to be found on the outskirts of our capital, on the Reiherwerder peninsula.

In addition to advanced training courses, staff also receive training for the three career paths of the Foreign Service. The application deadline for the higher Foreign Service is 30 September! Bei Jugendlichen kann man am besten ansetzen, so dass Vorurteile gar nicht erst entstehen und sie diese Einstellung weiter geben. Einer Generation, die aus Geschichte lernen kann.


Many young people are involved in these efforts. Each year, up to 24, young people volunteer to help preserve war graves. Read more about this: link in bio! Und was ist besser als Freundschaft? Die Highlights zur gestrigen Veranstaltung mit maas. The Youth Bridge is a good example, and shows how much we have in common […] — because it creates friendship.

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Dass man sich an einen Tisch setzt. Dass man beginnt, miteinander zu sprechen. Dass man bereit ist zu geben und nicht nur zu nehmen. Sitting together at a table. Starting to talk to each other. Looking for solutions. Being ready to give, not just to take. Wart ihr schon einmal in petra? Have you been there? Today, the natural scientist and discoverer would have turned During his trip to South America he built important intercultural bridges between the continents - bridges that last until today.

Wie bereitet man sich als Diplomatin auf ein Land vor, in dem es mehr als 80 offizielle Landessprachen gibt? How to prepare for a posting in a country with over 80 official languages? As the summer comes to an end, our podcastfromabroad is back from vacation. Euro vorgesehen. One of the most important tasks of the Bundestag, the German Parliament, is to pass the annual federal budget.

Today the debate on the budget of the Foreign Office took place: 5. For Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, there are several important priorities: prevention of international conflicts, commitment for stability and peace, Europe and international cooperation. Vor genau 30 Jahren, am The forum focuses on youth exchange in order to further deepen relations between Hungary and Germany. Mit einer Summe von Humanitarian aid after the storm: Hurricane Dorian caused great damage in the Bahamas; many people are in need of emergency aid.

With a sum of The photos show two parts of the ceremony. In the first two images, you see our Ambassador picking up a piece of wood thrown on the ground for him. The third photo shows our Ambassador greeting the guests in a traditional way by touching his forehead against theirs. Ein stabiler Frieden wird wahrscheinlicher, wenn Frauen am Friedensprozess beteiligt sind.

Und maas. Stable peace is more likely if women are involved in the peace process. Women are also an important anchor of stability after conflicts — their contribution is crucial for tackling crises. German foreign policy is thus working to ensure women are involved as equals in conflict prevention, peace processes, stabilisation and reconstruction. And maas. Aber es gibt auch positive Signale. In der Hauptstadt Kinshasa hat maas. Between crisis and hope: In the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo one of the most serious conflicts in recent times has been simmering for decades.

The region has also been struggling with the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic since But there are also positive signals. In the capital Kinshasa maas.

Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück Teil eins

He also met with representatives of the Bishops' Conference - the bishops play an important role in the peace efforts. Seit Jahrzehnten schwelt in Ostkongo ein schrecklicher Konflikt. Dort werden misshandelte Frauen versorgt und auf ihrem weiteren Weg betreut.

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Mukwege den Friedensnobelpreis. Daher wird Deutschland die mukwegefoundation mit Women are particularly vulnerable and often suffer barbaric acts of sexual violence. The gynaecologist drdenismukwege founded Panzi Hospital to help these women. Survivors receive medical treatment and follow-up care.

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Dr Mukwege was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for in work. Yesterday, Foreign Minister maas.

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  5. Der Kivusee ist ca. In the early morning, Foreign Minister maas. Lake Kivu is about five times the size of Lake Constance. The border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo runs through the lake. A stowaway nearly joined them on board in the form of a grey crowned crane, which greeted the delegation on the jetty but decided at the last second not to come along. The military and opposition finally agreed on a transitional government.

    Elections are to take place in the Sudan after a transitional period of 3 years. In the capital, he also spoke to activists and visited an exhibition of Sudanese artists on the demonstrations. Wir einfachen Muggel werden es vermutlich nie erfahren Insgesamt sind das 2. Our staff take up a new post every three or four years. That amounts to transfers each year! In order to organise this challenge as well as possible, we are cooperating with young IT experts from tech4germany.