Flute Sonata in G Minor, Op. 2, No. 6 - Cello

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A vast collection of music perfect for any Flute player. Finally, you can play that Hoffmeister flute quartet you've always dreamed of!


There are other collections of flute music for sale elsewhere on the net, but this is the most comprehensive collection anywhere. We are experienced archivists. We have assembled a complete collection of all the public domain flute music currently in existence in PDF format. These pieces are not available anywhere else! This archive includes works that have been out of publication for over years!

For the first time in centuries, these works have been uncovered and are available for practice and performance. We also offer the archive on a Flash Drive. Also known as a Thumb Drive or USB Drive, this option is for those of you who don't have a disk drive, or who who prefer the speed and convenience that a thumb drive has to offer. Johann Friedrich Kelz String Trio in E flat Major, Op. Makes a good concert choice Aram Khachaturian Trio for Clarinet or Viola, Violin and Piano Innovative treatment of Armenian and Uzbek folk melodies, original and exotic sounding.

Friedrich Kiel A good recital hall choice. Viola Sonata in g minor, Op. The viola is superbly handled and never overwhelmed by the piano Friedrich Kiel Three Romances for Viola and Piano, Op. Can be performed together or separately.

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Three Waltzes for String Quartet, Op. New Waltzes for String Quartet, Op. Original ideas with lovely melodies and fine writing. Must hear. Appealing melodies and grateful parts for all.

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Superbly conceived. Another big masterwork. Wilhelm Kienzl Serenade for Piano Trio A short and highly lyrical character piece by the acknowledged master of this form. A perfect encore. Theodor Kirchner Ein Gedenkblatt, Op. Four Short Works for Piano Trio Four lovely character pieces each with a different mood, lively or reflective, but always beautiful.

Not to be missed.

Argerich / Maisky, Beethoven Cello Sonata No.2 in G minor Op.5

You will fine none better than these littel gems. Truly lovely little gems. Zwei Terzette for Piano Trio, Op. Piano Quartet in A Major, Op. Good part-writing for lower voices. Scholars consider it was a tribute to Mozart.. Big cello solo in the middle movt, appealing melodies August Alexander Klengel Piano Trio in c minor, Op. This mid-late Romantic quartet has it all.

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Julius Klengel String Sextet, Op. Friedrich Klose String Quartet in E flat Major A big post-Brucknerian work which scales the heights and plunges to the depths with chromatic tonalities August Klughardt August Klughardt String Quintet 2Vc in g minor, Op. A great addition to this repertoire. Piano Trio in B flat Major, Op. The exciting finale features a clever fugue. Not technically demanding, good for concert or home. Among the very best of their kind. The part-writing and handling of the instruments is exemplary.

Iwan Knorr Good part-writing, a first class work. Friedrich Koch Woodland Idyll-3 Character Pieces for Piano Trio These 3 pieces make up an evocative and emotive tone poem with excellent part writing for piano trio. Jaroslav Kocian Intermezzo for String Trio Dating from the time Kodaly began to collect Hungarian folk melodies, it shows the effects. Charles Koechlin Hans Koessler Good part writing.

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Very effective. String Quintet 2 Violas in d minor One of the great late Romantic masterworks for this combination. The equal of the Brahms quintets. String Sextet in f minor It is not hyperbole to say that this sextet is as good as any including Brahms' two master works. Hear the soundbites. A lovely little gem. Volksliedchen for String Quartet, Op.

Makes a fine encore. Janusz de Kopczynski circa An appealing work. Alexander Kopylov Appealing melodies, fine part-writing, no technical difficulties. Erich Wolfgang Korngold Piano Trio, Op.

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A late romantic work influenced by R. Strauss Erich Wolfgang Korngold String Sextet in D Major, Op.

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One of the very finest sextets in the literature. Wanderstimmungen for String Trio 5 character pieces recording a traveler's impressions and moods. In the German wanderer's tradition of Schumann Mikhail Kourbanov Souvenir d'Alexandre Borodin for String Quartet A lovely elegiac tribute to Borodin, beautiful written for all voices, quotes famous melody from Prince Igor Leopold Kozeluch Leopold Kozeluch A typical example of Viennese classicism by a composer other than Haydn or Mozart. Makes a good substitute. Good choice for Haydn replacement.

Joseph Martin Kraus Program alternative to Haydn Stephan Krehl String Quartet in A Major, Op.

Deserves concert performance but can also be recommended for amateur players Stephan Krehl Clarinet Quintet in A Major, Op. Written for the same clarinetist that Brahms wrote his for. A real masterwork. Alexander Krein Very emotive and fine works. Makes a good short recital piece or substantial encore. Fritz Kreisler String Quartet in a minor A masterwork.

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  • A tribute to his native Vienna, which though tonally modern, looks backward fondly to the past Conradin Kreutzer Piano Quartet in e minor Forceful and full of energy, yet lyrical with appealing melodies. Harking back to early Beethoven. Full of appealing melodies. Conradin Kreutzer Resembles the approacher of Weber. Liebesbilder for Viola and Piano, Op.

    Franz Krommer Quartet No. Fetching, toe-tapping melodies. Good for the concert hall or for home. Appealing melodies and good part writing. Flute Quintet No. Wind Octet No.