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The God of Gamblers

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Reno, Nevada

They provided their recommendations to judges. By the third year, their Manhattan Bail Project reported that less than 2 percent of the pretrial detainees released without bail on its recommendation were failing to appear for trial. Similar projects began to emerge in major cities across the country. In the decade that followed, Congress passed the Bail Reform Act, restricting commercial bail in federal courts and establishing release on recognizance i.

Four states—Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin—followed suit. Pretrial release programs modeled on Vera also proliferated, allowing judges to release low-risk defendants. The bail bond business seemed headed for near-extinction.

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But soon its fortunes would reverse. He knows my heart. His life was exciting for Virginia Beach. Joy was a drug addict then. Langevin misused his Adderall prescription and gave some to Joy, she said.

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Other women he bailed out had to pay for it, she recalled. There was that one client of his who would come over to buy it, the one Joy walked in on when he had his hand up her shirt. When her brother needed to post bail for taking the washing machine, Joy referred him to Langevin. He seemed to like her family. He even drove her mom to the hospital once. They have sex to get you out and all that other crap. Eventually Joy grew afraid to go for walks in her neighborhood lest she run into Langevin. Her name was Sophia.

The past two decades have been good to the bail business—very good. In , Attorney General Eric Holder said commercial bail was a major obstacle to reducing inflated prison populations. All other factors being equal, defendants detained pretrial are three times more likely to be sentenced to prison than someone charged with the same crime who was released before trial.

There is no national data on the cost of holding people pending trial, but what numbers do exist suggest the total is staggering. In Houston, some have been held for eight. Even a few weeks in jail can wreak havoc on the lives of the accused. Seventy-one percent of jail inmates had jobs when they were arrested, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Studies also show that people become more likely to reoffend the longer they are detained pretrial: With just two to three days of detention, low-risk defendants are almost 40 percent more likely to commit new crimes before trial than equivalent defendants held less than 24 hours.

Low-risk defendants held 8 to 14 days are 51 percent more likely to recidivate within two years than equivalent defendants held one day or less. At the convention in Vegas, any talk of victims was about beleaguered bail professionals. Those considered a low risk—as many as two-thirds—are typically released on recognizance. Many of the agencies monitor low-level defendants after they are released, helping to ensure they abide by any conditions set by the court. Eight months after New Orleans started a pretrial services program last year, its felony pretrial population dropped In a class I took the next day, we got some concrete advice on how to fight back.

They were executives of insurance companies—surety companies, more specifically. There are many kinds of surety companies—bail is just one type—and their function is essentially to guarantee contracts between two parties. With bail, the surety company guarantees the agreement between the bondsman and the state—if a defendant skips court and the bondsman neglects to pay the bail amount, the state can go to the surety company to get what it is owed.

In exchange for such a contract, the surety charges the bondsman 10 percent on each fee. There are at least 32 surety companies that underwrite bail. Sixty percent of these bonds are controlled by members of the American Bail Coalition, a trade group to which Whitlock and Watson belong. According to an old ABC newsletter , the organization was formed when a handful of surety executives gathered in Florida in The sureties committed to reversing the trend. For starters, the new coalition sent letters to every single county that had a pretrial service agency. They cited data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to claim that people released on a commercial bail bond were more likely to appear in court than those released into pretrial services programs.

ABC also contacted sheriffs, courts, chief judges, chambers of commerce, and rotary clubs. We began to turn the tide.

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Before ABC began lobbying, in , commercial bail accounted for just 23 percent of pretrial releases , while release on recognizance accounted for 40 percent. Today, only 23 percent of those let go before trial are released on recognizance, while 49 percent must purchase commercial bail. Since , average bail amounts have almost tripled for felony cases. Between and , revenues of the ABC companies whose income comes almost entirely from bail increased 21 percent.


In Orleans, I visited the office of Graymond Martin, formerly a lobbyist for bail sureties operating in Louisiana. In , he successfully lobbied for a law that required defendants to pay an extra 2 percent on top of their 10 percent fee to the bondsman. It has existed for years. When you get into an accident, the company deals with it, not the agent. Property and auto insurance companies typically pay out 40 to 60 percent of their revenue in losses. When I reviewed the financial records of 32 surety companies, I found that, in , they cumulatively paid less than 1 percent in bail losses.

She was 19 and had just had a baby. She and her boyfriend got into fights, which sometimes turned violent. One day, she took her son and moved in with a friend. Shortly afterward, her boyfriend came to take the baby for a visit. A legal battle ensued, and he won. Ken Uston called this day " Black Tuesday ". On this day approx in , Stanford Wong 's Blackjack Newsletter was first published.