Le syndrome du Titanic 2 (Documents, Actualités, Société) (French Edition)

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Was this helpful? Yes No. Maar ook de dichte bebouwing maakt het moeilijk voor de bijen.

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Daardoor zijn er te weinig planten die voedsel leveren voor de bijen. En doordat de tuinen van de mensen er vaak te netjes bijliggen, vinden de solitaire bijen ook geen overnachtingsplekjes. De hele zomer lang geeft Bartel Van Riet elke dinsdag in Avondpost een tip over bijen. Want iedereen kan het de bijen door kleine ingrepen een stuk makkelijker maken. Its objectives include environmental research, education and activism.

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RANWA consists primarily of youngsters, including those now learning at other states or abroad. RANWA membership is open to anyone frequently participating or leading its programmes. Members communicate through phone, email, webgroup, newspaper announcements and nature trails. RANWA office maintains a small nature library.

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Funds, about Rs. RANWA activities include:. A species of bee declared extinct in the UK almost 30 years ago is flying again — thanks in part to the efforts of farmers. Researchers have been restoring the short-haired bumblebee to Romney Marsh and Dungeness over the past three years, and the results are starting to come in. Honey bees, crucial in the pollination of many U.

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There is no effective treatment or prevention of CCD. Increasing loss of bee colonies since is resulting in the loss of bee pollination which poses a threat to food production worldwide. Bioradar UK Ltd. These CCD genes are related to the specific Replikin gene sequence structures previously described in which relate to infectivity and lethality. A harvest of honey from the equatorial forests of South Sudan will help its struggling poor and, through the pollination of bees, improve the nation's crop yields, those involved say.

Pollinators are vanishing, and a silent spring could become a horrifying reality. So why won't the EPA do more? There is evidence that in Europe and North America many species of pollinators are in decline, both in abundance and distribution. Although there is a long list of potential causes of this decline, there is concern that neonicotinoid insecticides, in particular through their use as seed treatments are, at least in part, responsible.

This paper describes a project that set out to summarize the natural science evidence base relevant to neonicotinoid insecticides and insect pollinators in as policy-neutral terms as possible. A series of evidence statements are listed and categorized according to the nature of the underlying information. The evidence summary forms the appendix to this paper and an annotated bibliography is provided in the electronic supplementary material. RUAF has functioned since as a global network of 6 regional organisations that share a common vision on urban development and poverty reduction and together implement an international programme focussed on urban agriculture and food security.

The mission of the RUAF Foundation is to contribute to urban poverty reduction, employment generation and food security and to stimulate participatory city governance and improved urban environmental management, by creating enabling conditions for empowerment of male and female urban and peri-urban farmers and by facilitating the integration of urban agriculture in policies and action programmes of local governments, civic society organisations and private enterprises with active involvement of the urban farmers, livestock keepers and other relevant stakeholders.

Planning is future-oriented and comprehensive. It seeks to link knowledge and action in ways that improve the quality of public and private development decisions affecting people and places. Because of its future orientation, planning embraces visionary and utopian thinking, yet also recognizes that the implementation of plans requires the reconciliation of present realities to future states.

To become effective and ethical practitioners, students must develop a comprehensive understanding of cities and regions, and of the theory and practice of planning. They must also be able to use a variety of analytic methods in their practice. They must become sensitive to the ways in which planning affects individual and community values, and must be aware of their own roles in this process. The level of sensitivity of bees to the adverse effects of pesticides varies as a function of environmental conditions, research shows.

Scientists observed that a neonicotinoid insecticide disturbed their ability to find their bearings, particularly in a complex landscape and under unfavorable weather conditions. Mexico is the fourth largest honey producer and fifth largest honey exporter in the world.


A Smithsonian researcher and colleagues helped rural farmers in Mexico to quantify the genetically modified organism GMO soybean pollen in honey samples rejected for sale in Germany. Their results will appear Feb. Native bees in San Francisco provide adequate pollination to crop plants such as tomato plants, new research shows. Plants left open to the air produced more and larger tomatoes than those that self-pollinated only, and even matched the production of artificially pollinated plants.

The research also found that the density of flowers in a garden -- and not the garden's size -- is the key factor in attracting more pollinators. Available in Dutch as well as in French. The brochure contains information on the ABS system, case studies and step-by step procedures. The brochure is available in English, French and Spanish.

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The site also offers checklists, and updates on current international policy developments. Scottish bees are on the verge of starvation with some hives producing as little as a sixth of the usual amount of honey because of bad weather. Experts said low temperatures have resulted in the worst honey yield since with very little being produced. Y a-t-il des ruches au cercle polaire?

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Blog created by an ornithologist who takes pictures and make comments about birds in the region of Paris. The website is designed to address a large public: researchers, decision makers, students, journalists, conservationists, and everybody who cares about nature. The website is currently being updated and is not available. De gevolgen zouden niet te overzien zijn, mocht de bij ooit uitsterven. De stad Genk gelooft dat de oplossing voor de afnemende populaties op lokaal vlak ligt en lanceert een bijenplan. Dat besluiten wetenschappers uit een analyse van alle onderzoek naar die groep van pesticiden.

Bestuivers als bijen en vlinders maar ook regenwormen en vogels ondervinden er schadelijke gevolgen van. New research from Royal Holloway, University of London looks at the spread of disease between domesticated honeybees and wild pollinator populations.

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A disease which is believed to be responsible for the collapse of managed honeybee populations has been found in wild bumblebees according to researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London. The overall aim of STEP is to assess the current status and trends of pollinators in Europe, quantify the relative importance of various drivers and impacts of change, identify relevant mitigation strategies and policy instruments, and disseminate this to a wide range of stakeholders. Pollinator health is a real concern to beekeepers and farmers who rely upon pollination services.

And, it should be something we all care about as bees play an important role in food production and more. But making exaggerated claims about the state of beekeeping, commercial and wild pollinators can cause us to lose credibility with the public and policy makers. Sustainable Cities is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It has a track record of success in working with cities to solve problems related to urban growth.

Founded in , ICSC is an independent not-for-profit organization with charitable status.

It does practical demonstration projects to show how urban sustainability can be implemented. The demonstrations deal with issues such as urban design, land-use planning, transportation, solid waste, urban greening, energy efficiency, disaster mitigation, poverty reduction, governance, and multi-party participatory processes. Many bumblebee Bombus species are undergoing a strong decline in Europe due to, amongst other things, a decrease of food resources.

While leguminous plants Fabaceae are considered to be one of the main pollen sources of bumblebees, thistles Asteraceae tribe Cardueae have been suggested to be important for male diet. Yet, several European countries apply strict regulations against thistles since they are considered to be one of the principal weeds in agricultural landscapes.


Such regulations could impact bumblebee conservation through disruption of male diet and ecology. Here, we assess the male-depending importance of thistles for bumblebee species based on field observations across countries where a legal regulation against thistles is in effect. We ultimately aim to evaluate the potential consequences of these regulations on bumblebee conservation.