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In , with Iannuzzi still at the helm, the company's stock was rated the worst performing stock of the year. On 12 May , after a 2-year drop in MWW's shareprice, Monster shares are up 20 percent, having rallied since CEO Sal Iannuzzi told an investor conference early in March that the company was considering "strategic alternatives. On September 17, , Monster.

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This ended a July , Monster reveals its new identity with a new logo, a new font and a stronger purple. On June 8, , Monster. Nov , As a part of this alliance, Monster India will act as an interface among students, colleges and recruiters by empowering institutions approved with AICTE. This comprises students from various streams- engineering and technology; applied arts and craft; hotel management and catering; management; pharmacy and architecture and town planning.

Monster has been to blame in several instances of personal information theft.

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In less than two weeks, in August , Monster had numerous leaks that resulted in the loss of millions of customers' data to identity theft. However, in January , there was another large-scale leak at its UK based site monster. Backdating a stock option means retroactively setting the option's strike price to a day when the stock traded at a different price.

A call buy option with a lower strike price is more valuable because it's less expensive to exercise, while the inverse is true for a put sell option. The practice is not necessarily illegal but must be disclosed to shareholders. In September , Monster suspended Myron Olesnyckyj pending the internal review irregular stock option grants.

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On October 9, , Monster named William M. Pastore, 58, chief executive after Andrew J.

McKelvey resigned his posts as chairman and chief executive. McKelvey retained his seat on the board as chairman emeritus. On November 22, , Monster terminated Myron Olesnyckyj, the company's lead lawyer, as part of its investigation into past stock-option grant practices. In a statement, the company said Olesnyckyj was terminated "for cause.

The U. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York issued a subpoena to the company over options backdating , and a special committee of company directors planned to complete its own investigation by the end of the year.

EXO 엑소 'Monster' MV

Gromp Magic resistance reduced to from 0. Damage reduced to 75 from XP reduced to from Gold increased to 81 from Ancient Krug Attack range reduced to from Gold increased to 86 from Krug Health reduced to from Magic resistance increased to 0 from Damage reduced to 32 from Armor reduced to 0 from Greater Murk Wolf Attack range increased to from Gold increased to 68 from Murk Wolf Health reduced to from Armor reduced to 0 from 6.

Crimson Raptor XP reduced to from Gold increased to 62 from Raptor Health reduced to from Armor reduced to 0 from 5. Monsters will get a temporary increase to their regeneration rate if they lose all their patience and retreat back to camp. During this reset, they rapidly regenerate health and do not respond to further aggression. Gromp Attack range reduced to from Greater Murk Wolf Attack range reduced to from Baron Nashor's respawn timer is updated for both teams when he dies, regardless of sight.

Rift Scuttler Forced action crowd control effects will now lock Scuttles in place.

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Fixed a bug where forced action crowd control effects and Dark Flight were not triggering Scuttles' "loses resistances while disabled". Camp Spawn Time: from Camp Starting Level: level 2 from level 1 Experience: Junglers now reach level 2 after clearing 1 camp and level 3 after a full clear. Big Golem Health on spawn: from Damage on spawn: 70 from 73 Golem Health on spawn: from Damage on spawn: 33 from 35 Wraith Health on spawn: from Damage on spawn: 52 from 55 Lesser Wraith Health on spawn: from Damage on spawn: 18 from 20 Giant Wolf Health on spawn: from Damage on spawn: 40 from 42 Lesser Wolf Health on spawn: from Damage on spawn from 16 Vilemaw Respawn time: 6 minutes from 5 minutes Vilemaw has now a custom health bar and a jungler timer.

Health: from Attack damage: from AoE slam attack: Range slightly increased, area of effect slightly decreased. Melee attacks: Delay on attack shortened. New Passive: Spiderwebs: Vilemaw's attacks now reduce attack speed in addition to reducing armor and magic resistance.

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  • Crest of Crushing Wrath Duration increased to 3 minutes from 2 minutes. Upon killing Vilemaw , champions become ghosted, ignoring all unit collision for the duration of the buff. Additionally, nearby minions gain aura bonuses, and briefly terrorize nearby enemy minions on first contact. No longer grants bonus health regen, mana regen, cooldown reduction or attack speed. Dragon Now knocks away wards when he's at or moves to his starting location.

    Tooltip bonuses for second and fourth Dragon buffs have been swapped to accurately reflect the change we made in patch V4. Baron Nashor Base Attack Damage decreased to from Attack Damage gain per minute changed to 8 from 0. Total Attack Damage at spawn decreased to from Base health reduced to from Health gain per minute increased to from Total health at spawn decreased to from How to make edible jelly worms. Wolfblood Make-Up Tutorial.

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    Dr Xand is bitten by a zombie! Greg James' Top 5 - Halloween. Piece together a spooky Halloween jigsaw. How to make cheesy witch's fingers. Picture Maker Tutorials. The Worst Witch.

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    Quiz: Food in the U. Bring them back! Something's gone wrong. Home Menu. Start your search here Oops you can't see this activity! Love Press and hold for more View comments View all. Halloween on CBBC. Quiz: Freaky fungi.

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    Zogcast: Halloween. Trick or Treat? Your Comments Join the conversation. To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. UnicornChloe 11 Nov. U 12 Nov. U replied: i agree i agree. U 9 Nov. It was kinda fun but made my hand ache. U replied: u put the thing u buff the nails with over the nail and tap. Easy u put the thing u buff the nails with over the nail and tap.