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As it went on, I decided that it was more memoir than novel, since little was happening to move the plot forward. Much like "La lengua de las mariposas", the author does a wonderful job of portraying life in I loved this book when I began it, the lyrical descriptions of the Catalonian countryside come close to rendering it bucolic, and if the reader has ever spent a significant amount of time out in the country, there are certain elements nature, family, how time is spent that are universal.

Much like "La lengua de las mariposas", the author does a wonderful job of portraying life in the post-Civil War from the perspective of a child--one hears only what he hears, sees what happens filtered through the lens of his child's eyes, and thus, what is lurking in the background is nebulous and confusing. It's not a pretty one, obviously it's Post-Civil War, after all , but becomes particularly venomous in the last 30 pages.

This change is so precipitous and so strong, that one can only assume that the author planned a sequel.

I'm just not certain that I would look forward to reading it, since the character seems to have definitvely left all that was good and positive behind him. And since he passed away before its publication, we'll never know what that monster looked like. Jun 07, Tricia22oneill rated it really liked it. This book is one that has a slower pace than I usually prefer. In fact, during the first fifty pages, I struggled to keep reading it. However, I am so glad to have hung in there because the writing, albeit in translation, is worthwhile.

In particular, the character of the grandmother was inspiring and her insights on life as relevant today as they must have been in postwar Spain. Here is one of my favorite passages, spoken by the wise grandmother: "But I'm still the young lass I once was on the This book is one that has a slower pace than I usually prefer. Here is one of my favorite passages, spoken by the wise grandmother: "But I'm still the young lass I once was on the inside, it's only the memory of the girl I once was, that I still am deep inside. I believe our youth never abandons us, the passing years simply bury it deep down and it finds it harder and harder to get out.

That's what happens to us old folk, you young'uns don't notice, but we carry our youth within us, we really do - always! Our perceptions change and evolve in rich albeit painful ways as we navigate the unpredictable transition from child to adult.

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The theme of memory is the heart of this novel and there are numerous touching passages that explore the concepts of time, memory, loss, and dislocation. Kudos to the translator, Peter Bush. Feb 21, Meritxell Soria Yenez rated it liked it. Si comparo la novel. Ja que mostra q ni tothom es bo ni tothom es dolent, simplement lluiten per sobreviure.

A Catalan novel about a boy growing up after Franco takes power.

His family is splintered with father in prisons, uncles and aunts in France. It is a coming of age story that has frequent moments of lyrical brilliance. We are getting the story from the boy's point of view. The interesting parts are when he and his cousins try to make sense of the what the adults are actually talking about. The Grandmother is a brilliant character. Enjoyable for the most part. Tedious in some places. The story is a coming of age account of a boy growing up near Barcelona in the years after the Spanish civil war.

Andrieu is 11, when his father is arrested, and jailed, facing possible execution. There is a girl his age who was maimed by a grenade, and a couple of other children. The first part of The story is a coming of age account of a boy growing up near Barcelona in the years after the Spanish civil war. The first part of this book is episodic, describing life in s Catalonia very well, warts and all. Gradually politics overtook the memoir aspect though, and here I found it harder to keep up because I did not know enough about the Spanish Civil War, but Wikipedia helped with that.

The twists in the plot are good, but in the end there was a transformation that was no doubt the intention of the book, that seemed somehow too harsh. I thus found it a. L'any , son pare li va fer construir un teatre a Richburg Nova York , i Baum va emprendre la tasca d'escriure obres de teatre i crear una companyia.

La seua tia, Katharine Gray , va representar el paper de la seua tia. El 9 de novembre de , es va casar amb Maud Gage, filla de Matilda Joslyn Gage , una famosa sufragista. Al juliol de , Baum i la seua esposa van traslladar-se a Aberdeen , Dakota del Sud , on van obrir una botiga, "Baum's Bazaar". L'any es va estrenar a Broadway un nou musical, basat en estils musicals afroamericans, The Wiz , que va ser mereixedor d'un Pemi Tony. Aquesta vegada va ser Stephanie Mills la que va encarregar-se del paper de Dorothy.

D'aquesta manera van perdre molt menys del que podien haver perdut. La resta de la plantilla la componien Louis F. It does NOT mean 'constipated'. Sempre has de creure la mare - You must always do as your mother tells you expression ho creus?

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However, it is translated by a gerund after the verbs assajar practice , deixar quit , evitar avoid , no poder estar-se can't help and parar stop. It is translated by a gerund or the infinitive "to" with the verbs agradar like , oblidar -se forget , permetre's afford , preferir prefer and recordar -se remember. On diantre vas? Although not officially sanctioned terms, 'disc d'arranc' and 'disc d'inici' are also widely used.

However, the user should bear in mind that it is a castellanisme and therefore its use is not recommended. This process transforms the ingredients into a type of caramelized sauce which is then generally used to flavour sweet foods or can be eaten spread on toast [info from Wikipedia].

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Aquesta malaltia no s'encomana. Typical of the Balearic Islands. The actual beetle is 'escarabat piloter'. When you blow them they unfurl, making a noise. The difference between the sentences 'I hope to pass the test' and 'I expect to pass the test' isn't obvious in Catalan.

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The most usual word for bookcase is 'prestatgeria'. However, a number of Catalan Internet users do not approve of this term and many use 'fotoblog' instead. We will attempt to add more detailed information and examples to this entry as time permits. In Catalonia and Valencia, the word for 'sparrow' is 'pardal'. According to Wikipedia, habaneras are particularly popular in coastal areas of Catalonia where there are large numbers of sailors with the habanera 'El meu avi' being perhaps the most well known.

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Here we mark it as both to cover all uses. It is difficult to provide a direct equivalent in English as these jobs all tend to be dealt with by different professionals in the English-speaking world. Catalan has one word 'melmelada' that covers both 'jam' and 'marmalade'. If a character in a Catalan exam paper is eating 'melmelada', it is likely to be jam.

In addition, those who prepare Catalan exam papers are a perverse lot and so such characters have a particular preference for 'melmelada de prunes' - plum NOT prune jam NOT marmalade. You have been warned! In English, the term 'minuend' is a traditional one which is no longer much used. Barcelona' would be 'the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Barcelona Football Club. It functions in much the same way as the French 'N'est ce pas? Essentially it consists of slices of bread cut from a good crusty loaf, not your average British sliced and smeared with a nice juicy halved-tomato, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled lightly with salt yum!

Unlike the English 'palm', 'pam' is still widely used. If you go on like that you'll end up going crazy Am. Para l'orella! Listen up! It does not mean 'yard' in the American sense 'back yard'. Va vendre un quadre per quinze mil euros - He sold a painting for fifteen thousand euros Un per tots i tots per un! Garlic, saffron and parsley are also commonly used.