The Kindle Cookbook: How To Do Everything the Manual Doesnt Tell You (Kindle 1 Edition)

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My place is always saved. My highlights and notes are automatically uploaded to a central Amazon server that I can access from any internet connection.

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I get more out of my books now, can read them in more places, can search back through them with more ease, can integrate them into my job with less hassle. But the elegant tricks that Amazon has bundled with the Kindle app will certainly be carried over to the tablet. Eric Rumsey is at: eric-rumseytemp AttSign uiowa dott edu and on Twitter ericrumseytemp.

Using the Kindle apps on other devices iPad and iPhone have been especially popular has advantages over using the Kindle device, such as easy highlighting and note-taking.

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It was ironic. With a relatively small number of titles available on the iBookStore, Apple is not in the business of providing content, unlike Amazon, with its KindleStore, and Google, with the Google eBookStore. Kindle apps on the iPad have been immensely popular, as described in my previous article , and the reaction to the new Apple policy has been strongly negative.

A tweet by fienen on Feb 15 highlights this boldface added :. The content wars continue.

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Apple may have played the wrong card here. Big time. Right now, Apple has the devices and Amazon has the most books. Looming over the spat between Apple and Amazon, of course, is … Google. I wrote in my last article about using Kindle apps to capture highlighted text on a web page so it can be pasted to other applications.

This seems like a major advance in eBook reading to me. Last year, I put the Kindle app on my iPhone and downloaded a couple of books to read. Last week, when I downloaded my first book to my shiny new iPad, things improved. Ted Bongiovanni teddyb came to the rescue:. You can highlight, and then grab them from kindle. Turns out my iPad Kindle app syncs up all of my highlights and notes to my Amazon account. Who knew? His charitable work doesn't get the headlines that Gates and Buffet grab, but it is important and laudatory, and he began doing it almost immediately after acquiring his fortune - he didn't start giving away money to counter bad publicity or because he had more than he could possibly ever use.

The name Ubuntu means something like "I am because we are" or "humanity toward others". Mark Shuttleworth obviously lives by that word.. OK, Linux didn't exist then, but if it had existed, and if I were sticking my toes in it, this would have been THE book. Solaris Performance Tools. Nevertheless, this was an interesting read. Solaris Internals. Linux Unix phrasebook. Boy does THAT strike a chord!. Linux Unix Starter Kit. User Mode Linux. Turns out that while I wasn't completely off base, I barely had a clue. Unix to Linux Porting.

There's also the issue of code that never was right to start with, but that's outside of the scope of this book. The World Is Flat. The author thinks it's about outsourcing, globalization and all that and of course it is, but the underlying force that drives all of this is computers and the Internet. You know that: maybe you are a "victim" of outsourcing and globalization yourself, or you know someone who is.

You aren't going to find much commiseration here: reality bites, and the reality is that the world is changing.

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  5. Wicked Cool Perl Scripts. Well, maybe not that bad. Actually, not "bad" at all: I have no real complaints about this book, but I didn't like it and can't imagine handing it to anyone with a hearty "Here, read this, you'll love it". Apache Derby - Off to the Races.

    A small smile was also on my face when I read the author's justifications for using Derby over XML files and how Derby would be a "perfect fit" for small business client databases. Service Oriented Architecture Compass.

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    The distinction between SOA and an API is a little fuzzy at the edges, but an example might clear that up: suppose you have something that can be queried to return customer contact information. In a traditional API, that's going to give you back a structured record and if something new is added to that record like a new "PDA ip address" field , the API probably has to change along with the clients that use it. With a SOA implementation, the data is probably returned in XML, and a client happily ignores fields it doesn't need or understand.

    This decoupling is what makes SOA more powerful, but note that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with XML; any web service like chargen, daytime etc. Just say no to Microsoft. Beginning Web Development with Perl. Linux Unix debugging and performance tuning:Tips and Techniques. The concentration is on code though, including kernel code. If you don't like programming, this is not your book.

    The Linux Kernel Primer. Admittedly,it's a difficult subject: there's a lot to cover, and you really need quite a bit of programming and general Unix knowledge before you could even consider jumping into this area. But I have the background, have even written simple Unix drivers, and yet every other kernel programming book has disappointed me. It's not something most of the readers of this site would be interested in, but it is something you might want to point out to other people.

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    Pro Perl Parsing. It may not be everyone's cup of tea; the subject matter is a bit esoteric.

    It's not a Unix book. It's specifically about the installation, configuration and administration of HP-UX. If you have been blessed with one of these and are unfamiliar with Unix, you'll need some other more general books to go along with this one. Pro Perl Debugging. I vaguely knew that the Perl debugger exists, but I'd never even thought enough about it to fall into the second group.

    Andrew Connell - Using a Kindle Fire as a Home Kiosk for SmartThings & Smart Home Monitor

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